Audi land of quattro

This isn't 4WD. This is quattro

The quattro® all-wheel drive system is a truly iconic piece of automotive technology. It changes the way you drive by offering superior traction, whatever the conditions.

First appearing in 1980, quattro® all-wheel drive elevated the level of performance, dominating international motorsport and raising passenger car handling and safety to unimaginable new levels. But we didn’t stop there. We evolved and changed with the times, making every new quattro® a new masterpiece. Today, our legendary quattro® all-wheel drive system is available in 45 Audi models throughout New Zealand.

Not every quattro® is the same. Audi has developed a perfect all-wheel drive technology to suit the needs of the different models in the range. However, the one thing that all quattro® models have in common is the ability to grip the road in any conditions.

The key benefits of quattro® all-wheel drive include 

- Superior traction for outstanding driving dynamics and acceleration performance

- Excellent cornering and directional stability

- Enhanced vehicle safety

- Increased towing capability

- More fun behind the wheel

No other technology from Audi embodies ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ quite as much as quattro® does. And we will continue looking forward in our search for perfection in vehicle safety and performance.