Motoring with confidence.

Audi Approved :plus Motoring.

At the time you purchase an Audi Approved vehicle, Audi offers the opportunity to purchase an Approved motoring plan. This Motoring Plan provides the owner with a 2 year scheduled service and maintenance programme. Contact your local Authorised Audi dealer for pricing options.

The real benefits of Audi Approved :plus Motoring.

  • All maintenance services, inclusive of parts and lubricants, according to the vehicle service schedule.
  • All original parts (excluding tyres) requiring replacement due to wear and tear given normal operating conditions and use.
  • Annual Land Transport vehicle inspections (W.O.F.)

2 year scheduled service and maintenance.

Audi Approved :plus ensures the added provision of cost-free scheduled servicing and annual maintenance in strict accordance with the Audi recommended service plan and guideline. This entitles the owner to an annual or periodic mileage service each year for the term of the warranty.

The service performed by an authorised Audi dealer incorporates all lubricants and genuine service parts standard to the service schedule. Full terms and conditions (including the excluded items) of the Audi Approved :plus Warranty and the Audi Approved :plus Motoring Plan are available from your local authorised dealer.