Maintaining your vehicle

Your Audi will advise when your vehicle is dues for its next service (either every 12 months or at 15,000km).

Owners are advised to maintain their vehicle in between scheduled servicing intervals by checking oil levels, tyre pressure and regularly cleaning your vehicle. This will ensure preservation of the residual value of the vehicle and also ensure that it is always at peak performance.

Service work conducted by one of authorised Audi Dealers or an approved Audi Service Centre, guarantees that the servicing completed on your vehicle is at the highest standard. With new technology introduced by Audi, service technicians with the assistance of the Audi diagnostic tester will ensure that the quality of your vehicle is retained.

The following maintenance tips can be checked at home or conducted by your Authorised Centre.

Tyre pressure

The pressure on your tyres should always be at the correct level as stated in your owner’s handbook. Tyre pressure is a key component of sustaining safety which is often overlooked.

Tyre Condition

At each service your tyre condition is checked, however, if you do high mileage in between servicing you should also check that the tyres have adequate tread, if in doubt contact your Authorised Centre.

Engine Oil level

Oil levels will always be checked when your vehicle is serviced, but if you do high mileage in between servicing always ensure that your oil levels are correct. Your vehicle is designed to advise you when you require more oil by flashing “oil can” light on your dashboard. Again you can either check these levels yourself or drop into your Authorised Centre.

Windscreen wipers

Always ensure you have enough water for your windscreen washers and add a bug repellent into the water to ensure a clean windscreen with every wash. Also check that the blades have not worn as this can scratch your windscreen.

Many questions are clarified in your vehicle’s handbook or contact your authorised Audi Centre.