Dear Customers,

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has approved software updates for affected 2.0l TDI engines in the European Union (EU) and other parts of the world outside the USA and Canada.

In New Zealand every Audi vehicle is manufactured to EU emission specifications, so the New Zealand market is covered by the approvals.

The KBA has confirmed that the software update does not change fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, engine power output, engine torque or noise emissions in the relevant test cycles. Since the start of the year the international roll out is well underway.

Owners of affected vehicles in New Zealand will be contacted as soon as their Audi is ready to be updated. The software update will take approximately one hour to complete. It will be free of charge at an authorised Audi Dealership.

You will find frequently asked questions and all the latest updates available here at  If you are an Audi customer and would like to speak to us, please contact us at


Solution for 2.0 TDI (EA 189): Adaptation of the software

We have developed a software solution for the 2.0 TDI engine type EA 189. An Audi Service employee will update the vehicle software using a diagnosis computer. The software optimisation will improve engine control to ensure the emission limits are met. The adaptation to the vehicle will take approximately half an hour.


Solution for 1.6 TDI (EA 189): Adaptation of hard- and software

For the 1.6 litre engine of the type EA 189 a flow transformer will be used in addition to a software solution. Its grid stabilises the flow upstream of the mass air flow meter, thus making a more precise measuring result possible. This way, the quantity of fuel injected is more precise and the combustion process optimised. This solution is being combined with a matching software optimisation and enhanced engine control to ensure the emission limits are met. The adaptation to the vehicle will take approximately 45 minutes.

The implementation: Free of charge and straightforward

All vehicles affected will be recalled to dealerships successively to have the necessary technical solution implemented. We will contact the owners once scheduling for their vehicle has been finalised.

Please check whether your vehicle is affected.

You can check here whether your Audi is affected by the recall campaign for diesel exhaust gas EA189 (23Q4) by entering the vehicle's 17-character chassis number (e.g. WAUZZZ4F7AN000420). If you have any further questions, please feel free to use the contact form or to contact customer support directly.