Audi Connect Plug and Play

Audi connect plug and play

The Audi connect plug and play app (iOS/Android) is now available for Audi owners in New Zealand.
Access more information than ever at your fingertips, by simply syncing your smartphone via Bluetooth to the Audi connect plug and play app and connecting the Audi DataPlug in your car. Unlocking your Audi with up-to-date vehicle information and functionality, Audi connect plug and play takes comfort and driving enjoyment to a new level.

The Audi plug and play rewards programme will be discontinued from 12th June 2024.

Smart connection
Discover the Audi connect plug and play app

The Audi plug and play app connects what is most important to you by sharing up-to-date vehicle information whenever you need it.

Turn your Audi into a connected car; explore vehicle data in real-time, maximise your efficiency per trip, request service appointments, optimise your driving style, and have total peace of mind with constant connection to Audi’s roadside assistance.

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Three steps to a connected car

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    Compatibility check

    1. Check whether your Audi is compatible with the Audi DataPlug.

    Check compatibility
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    Download the app

    2. Download and install the App for your operating system (iOS or Android) for free, and follow the activation instructions.

    Download now
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    Leave it with us

    3. Your Audi Service Partner will help you to install Audi DataPlug and activate the Audi connect plug and play app.

    Locate a Service Partner

Level Up your Audi

With the Audi connect plug and play app, you can access the latest information about your vehicle at any time.

My Audi

My Audi

In the “My Audi” section, you can view information such as mileage, chassis number and fuel level. You can even check how many kilometres and days are left until your next service appointment. This way, your next service is a few taps away.



The digital logbook gives you the means to bring transparency to how you document and categorise your business and private trips. The automatic log function makes it easy to record details such as starting point and destination, date and time of day, journey time and route, and export them via the app as required.

Fuel monitor

Fuel monitor

The fuel monitor gives you an overview of your refuelling processes and monthly fuel expenses. Whenever the Audi DataPlug registers a refuelling process, you receive an app notification that the fuel costs have been logged. The service* automatically records when, where and how much you refuel.

*minimum refuelling level of 10L

The refuelling and charging monitor on your phone.

Charging monitor

The charging monitor provides an overview of your charging expenses, how many kilometres you’ve driven and the charging status of your Audi. The app automatically registers when you charge your vehicle and stores the address of the charging station. You are then asked to enter your expenses. Useful feature: When the charge level is getting low, you will receive a reminder to recharge in good time.

*Only available for the Audi e-tron



Audi connect plug and play helps you optimise your driving style. Personal driving data, such as acceleration, vehicle speed, engine speed and braking behaviour, is measured and displayed in a detailed statistical breakdown.

This lets you learn from your own driving style and reach your destinations more efficiently.

Service appointments

Service appointments

With the Audi connect plug and play app, you can request an appointment at your Audi partner at any time. Including placing a direct call and with navigation assistance. If your vehicle needs an inspection or an oil service, you have the option of automatically requesting a service appointment at your preferred Audi partner. Your Audi partner will then contact you as soon as possible and you can opt to provide them with all relevant vehicle information.

My challenges

My challenges

Take fun at the wheel to the next level and discover selected nearby attractions. By adopting an efficient driving style, taking local discovery tours, visiting your Audi partner or regularly using the app, you can collect points and trophies. It’s a great way to challenge your driving performance again and again in different categories. Level after level after level.

Breakdown and assistance

Breakdown and assistance

Fast assistance wherever you are should you have a breakdown or accident. Because the app’s “Breakdown and assistance” function connects you with national 24-hour roadside assistance or with the Audi service hotline*. You have the option of transmitting your location and vehicle information as well as calling up important tips for what to do in an emergency. In addition, the app displays a selection of your vehicle’s warning and control lights. Supplementary explanations help you identify these correctly and respond appropriately should a control light be activated. This is what safety feels like.

* Costs are calculated according to the relevant tariff from your provider. Roadside assistance available within New Zealand only.


Parking space

With Audi connect plug and play, you always know precisely where you last parked your vehicle. Allow the app to conveniently guide you to your car – or share the GPS coordinates, for example with your friends. You can even keep an eye on how long you’ve been parked.

Compatibility check

A quick and practical way to check if your car is compatible with the Audi DataPlug.

The Audi DataPlug is compatible with many Audi models from the model year 2008 onwards.
If you have an enquiry regards the compatibility of the Audi DataPlug with your vehicle, contact your local Audi dealer for assistance.
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