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Audi Model Range

Audi models span all aspects of the modern lifestyle, from luxurious sedans and wagons to go-anywhere Audi SUVs that offer limitless possibilities. Regardless the vehicle type, every Audi model reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence.

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    SUV range

    When you want to get the most out of your A to B, the only answer is Q. The Q range family of SUVs includes compact SUVs to large SUV models, as well as high-performance SUVs and luxury SUVs to suit every lifestyle. As a well-rounded range of smart, adventurous SUVs, they’re made to go the extra mile.

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  • audi-q4-etron-A211724.jpg
    Electric range

    When it comes to performance, these 100% fully electric vehicles compromise on nothing. Whatever you thought you knew about electric cars – forget it. Because this is the new standard and a glimpse at the exciting future of performance. It’s an evolution, a shift that changes everything. We didn’t invent electric, we just injected it with Audi DNA.

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    Plug-in Hybrid range

    Audi has a growing range of plug-in hybrid models. All offer a winning combination of an electric and combustion engine. They have three driving modes; purely electric, purely combustion, or an efficient combination of both.

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    Audi Sport range

    The term ‘performance’ holds a different meaning in New Zealand. It’s not a special something, held back for rare occasions. We expect it – every time. It’s not weather dependent and it doesn’t excuse itself when the surface won’t play nice. We never cheapen it with bragging. Instead, it’s met with a wry smile, a simple nod, and an expectation – a promise it will be there the next time, and every time, you call on it.

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    Compact range

    City limits? More like guidelines. Just because you’re in the city, doesn’t mean you have to be restricted by it. The Audi Compact range is performance, built for the urban track. Combining the ease of a compact car, with the styling of a sports car – the cons list is left blank. They’re small in size. Big in capabilities.

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    Executive range

    This range of vehicles are so fitted to your needs, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were well-tailored suits. Elegant in shape and style, it’s easy to overlook what lies beneath. But, that’s not the half of it. They’re elegant – there’s no denying it – but you’re yet to see them grit their teeth. Let’s just say you’ll never be late for another meeting.

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Upcoming models

Upcoming models

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