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Juliette Hogan on the triumph of function and form

Juliette Hogan on the triumph of function and form

Great design doesn't just make something look good or work well, it makes the everyday easier and integrates itself into the way we live.

Which is why when Juliette Hogan starts designing a collection for her eponymous label, she's already thinking about the final step in the process, when her customers get dressed for work, a night out, or a day of relaxing.

That's because the clothes Hogan designs are a celebration of both function and form.

"We design for discerning people who like to be surrounded by beautiful things," she says. "We design clothing that works both on duty and off duty, and allows the wearer to be really confident with who they are. Form follows function. For me something has to be meaningful, and have purpose and to work. But it can be beautiful at the same time and be really aesthetically pleasing. You understand our clothing when you see it, you don't need a rule book to interpret it."

Which is why alongside the big picture, Hogan is also always thinking about the small details that add to the overall experience.

"When you're designing a dress, you think about whether it's going to be easy to get in and out of, is it long enough so it covers your knees when you sit down. We think about our end user continually."

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It's about enduring design that lasts over time.

“It's not about frivolity, everything that is designed has to have a function," Sheed says.

"It's about focussed design, which means everything does what it says it will, it embodies technology, precision and progressiveness, which is what the brand is all about."

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