Terms and conditions for using “Audi rewards” in the loyalty program

These Terms and Conditions apply to earning and claiming bonuses (“rewards”) in the loyalty program using the app “Audi connect plug and play” for mobile devices (“Audi connect plug and play app“). The general terms of use for the Audi connect plug and play app are available in the app and also apply to the use of Audi rewards; in the event of contradictions, these Additional Terms and Conditions take precedence.

  1. Users who achieve “bronze” status can be offered rewards. Audi New Zealand decides at its absolute discretion which rewards are offered. For example, rewards can be items or discounts on services. The rewards currently available per status level can be found on this website: audi.co.nz
  2. Audi New Zealand decides at its absolute discretion whether, how often and what category of rewards are offered to a user on the basis of that user’s status level. Audi New Zealand can set additional conditions for claiming rewards (for example, a period of time that must elapse between claiming two rewards); these can be found in the Audi connect plug and play app and Audi rewards website.
  3. Rewards can be claimed at participating dealers or service partners. The dealer or service partner chosen in the Audi connect plug and play app when the reward is claimed provides the user with the reward on behalf of Audi New Zealand
  4. To claim a reward, a user must click on the corresponding button in the Audi connect plug and play. Then the dealer or service partner that the user has chosen contacts the user by a means other than the Audi connect plug and play app. The main purpose of this contact is to discuss and arrange the details of claiming the reward with the user. The user can then claim the reward directly from the dealer or service partner according to this arrangement.
  5. The number of available rewards may be limited. This means that the chosen dealer or service partner may not be able to provide every reward that is shown on the Audi rewards website. If a reward is not available, the dealer or service partner will endeavour to offer an alternative. There is no right to claim a specific reward.
  6. Users who delete their account lose their points and status and can no longer claim any rewards. The same applies if they delete the Audi connect plug and play app, unless they have activated the “Backup & Restore” function. Users who have activated this function before deletion retain the right to claim the rewards available for their current status by re-installing the app and logging in with their Audi ID.
  7. Reserving additional rights of Audi New Zealand, particularly Audi New Zealand’s right to change the conditions of use of the Audi connect plug and play app, Audi New Zealand can, by notifying a user, completely or partially restrict or terminate that user’s eligibility to collect points, to achieve a particular status and/or to receive rewards on the basis of achieved points and/or an achieved status. If and to the extent that the abovementioned restrictions result in an unplanned loss of points and/or the fact that Audi New Zealand no longer offers any rewards whatsoever, the user must receive the abovementioned notification at least six months before the relevant restriction enters into effect.