• SQ7
    A technological milestone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What effect does this situation have?
Neither the operation nor the safety of the vehicle is impaired. Software was used which optimises NOx emissions on the test bed.
Is the safety of the vehicle impaired?
What exactly needs to be repaired on the car?
For all 2.0 TDI vehicles the solution is a software update completed by an authorised Audi Service Centre.
Is it necessary to make an appointment at the workshop?
Yes. Audi New Zealand has a technical solution available and has contacted the owners of affected vehicles. If your vehicle is affected and you have not heard from us, please use the service enquiry form on this page.
What engines are affected in New Zealand?
Only Audi models with 2.0 litre TDI diesel engines of the type EA189. Engines certified to EU6 are not affected and the same applies to V6, V8 & V12 TDI engines, irrespective of whether they are certified to EU5 or EU6.
Will the repair be carried out free of charge?
Yes, Audi will cover the costs of the repair.
Do you have any further questions?
Please also feel free to contact your local authorised Audi Dealership at any time if you have any other questions.