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Mechatronics Unit Recall

Removing design trim on power unit

Audi has discovered on some Audi TT, Q3 and Q6 vehicles that, due to a manufacturing fault the engine cover installed can become detached from its retainers depending on service life and vehicle use. If the engine cover is not securely attached to the power unit, it can potentially come into contact with the turbocharger, leading to smoulder damage or fire.

For safety reasons, it is necessary to check the vehicle and remove the engine cover if necessary. The safety and operation of your vehicle is not impaired.

Please note the following restriction until the campaign is performed on your vehicle:

Before embarking on a journey, please check regularly that the engine cover is securely attached by wiggling/shaking the trim with your hands. If the engine cover is securely seated on the power unit, you can continue to use the vehicle without restrictions until the workshop appointment. If the engine cover has already become partially detached, try to remove it completely. If this is not possible, please contact an Audi workshop immediately to have it removed there.

A new version of the engine cover for the power unit is not yet available. As soon as the new version is available, your Audi Partner will contact you to have the new version of the engine cover installed on the power unit.

To book your vehicle in to carry out the repair, please contact your local authorised Audi dealership at your earliest convenience to arrange a suitable time to book in your vehicle. Please find on the reverse of this letter a directory of all Audi authorised service centres in New Zealand.

Should you no longer own the vehicle, please contact us at info@audi.co.nz