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Mechatronics Unit Recall

Software update for gearbox control unit DQ-200 Recall

The safety of our customers, the reliability and long-term service life of our models represent our top priority. For this reason, Audi conducts programs to constantly monitor the quality of its products. We have discovered that the gearbox installed in your vehicle, over time, may not fulfil our requirements due to production-related discrepancies connected to high pressure in the hydraulic system. In isolated cases, a gradual loss of pressure in the hydraulic section of the gearbox caused by the failure of a component may cause a slight fluid leak, which would in turn result in gear change issues and cause the gearbox warning lamp to come on. If this issue is not dealt with quickly in the workshop, the power flow between the engine and the gearbox may, in isolated cases, be interrupted, which would cause the vehicle to break down.

For safety reasons, it is necessary to check the vehicle and perform a software update of the gearbox control unit. The work required will take approximately one hour and will, of course, be performed free of charge.

Please contact an Audi Partner without delay to make an appointment.