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Mechatronics Unit Recall

Servicing rear seat belt

The safety of our customers and the reliability and long-term service life of our models represent our top priority. For this reason, Audi conducts programmes to constantly monitor the quality of its product.

As part of this, we have discovered that the wire for the belt-fastened sensor for the centre rear seat may not have been routed in accordance with specifications. This could potentially prevent a child seat from engaging correctly in the left ISOFIX mounting on the right rear seat. Before child seats are used, please always check that they are fully engaged in the ISOFIX mountings.

For this reason, the wire for the belt-fastened sensor must be checked and, if necessary, re-routed and secured in accordance with specifications. If damage has already occurred to the wire, it must be repaired.

To book your vehicle in to carry out the repair, please contact your local authorised Audi dealership at your earliest convenience to arrange a suitable time to book in your vehicle. Please find on the reverse of this letter a directory of all Audi authorised service centres in New Zealand.

Should you no longer own the vehicle, please contact us at info@audi.co.nz