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Mechatronics Unit Recall

Servicing Rear Axle Recall

The safety of our customers and the reliability and long-term service life of our models represent our top priority. For this reason, Audi conducts programmes to constantly monitor the quality of its products.

As part of this, we have discovered lock nuts that do not meet the specifications that may have been fitted on the rear axle suspension links of your vehicle. Over time, the nuts may crack and could break. In unfavourable circumstances, a broken nut may result in increased play between the suspension link and the hub carrier, which in turn could cause alterations in the wheel alignment of the rear axle noticed by a steering wheel misalignment when driving straight ahead or by the vehicle pulling to one side when braking or accelerating. It cannot be ruled out that the rear axle could suddenly and uncontrollably move in the wrong direction at higher speeds.

For safety reasons, it is necessary to replace the affected nuts on the rear axle suspension links. The work required will take approximately one and a half hours and will, of course, be performed free of charge.

To book your vehicle to carry out the repair, please contact your local authorised Audi dealership at your earliest convenience to arrange a suitable time to book your vehicle.