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Audi executive range

Executive range

Business demands high performance. Demands met.

This range of vehicles are so fitted to your needs, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were well-tailored suits. Elegant in shape and style, it’s easy to overlook what lies beneath. But, that’s not the half of it. They’re elegant – there’s no denying it – but you’re yet to see them grit their teeth. Let’s just say you’ll never be late for another meeting.

The Audi Q7

  • Q7_2023_5404-L-Highest.jpg
    We gave it a second look. So will everyone else.

    The popular 7-seater luxury SUV, Audi Q7 has seen a complete transformation. More confident than ever, the slick new masculine design just can't be argued with. But we know looks aren't everything. Fortunately, this next generation luxury SUV has the V6 TDI 210 kW engine to back it up.

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The Audi SQ7

  • SQ7_2023_5428-L-1.jpg
    Powerful and variable.

    Pure driving pleasure, a dynamic exterior, and extensive space – that’s the Audi SQ7. The interior of the family SUV features high comfort and the latest infotainment features. When you press on the accelerator, the 320 kW V8 biturbo TFSI engine delivers its power.

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The Audi Q8

  • 1920x1080_Stage_AQ8_181004.jpg
    Think SUV. Then think again.

    The Audi Q8 combines the elegance of a four-door luxury coupé with the practical versatility of a large SUV. Richly equipped, comprehensively connected and tough enough for off-road duty, it is a confident companion for business and leisure. Expressive design with new Singleframe and features from the original Audi quattro. Generous, elegant interior, touch operating concept and high-tech navigation: The Audi Q8 is a confident companion for business and leisure.

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The Audi Q8 TFSI e

  • _1920x1080-audi-q8-tfsi-e-trailer-fallback-my2021.jpg
    Big in stature. And economy.

    The striking Audi Q8 TFSI e combines the power you need with the fuel to go further. Combining the strengths of an electric drive with a V6 combustion engine, our most progressive SUV coupé can now be driven purely with fuel, battery, or an intelligent combination of both.

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The Audi SQ8

  • 1920x1080_ASQ8_191003.jpg
    SUV on the eyes. Sports car under the hood.

    It may look like the popular Audi Q8 at first glance. But take it for one drive, and you’ll discover it’s far more. This SUV powerhouse not only boasts a biturbo V8 engine with 900Nm torque and the power to go from 0-100 in 4.8 seconds – it’s a dream on and off road with roll stabilisation and quattro permanent all-wheel drive. To top it all off, it’s also a mild-hybrid for maximum fuel efficiency.

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