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Audi guaranteed future value

Audi Future Value Guarantee

Drive away with a new level of assurance.

With Audi Future Value Guarantee you’ll have a flexible finance solution that gives you next generation assurance from the moment you get your new Audi. And the next one. Not only will you have the certainty of low fixed repayments, you’ll also have the option to renew, retain or return your Audi at the end of your agreed term. Plus, you can renew at any time, allowing you to enjoy a new Audi more often.

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Your benefits

With Audi Future Value Guarantee you’ll have a hassle-free finance agreement plus an assurance you can count on the moment you drive away.

  • Peace of mind knowing the minimum future value of your Audi right from the start.
  • You have three options at the end of your Audi Finance contract.
  • A personally tailored finance solution, based on the term and kilometre usage of your vehicle.
  • Upgrade your Audi to the latest model more often, enjoying the best innovations and technologies.

How it works

It’s affordable, flexible and assured.

Your options at the end of the term

At the conclusion of your agreed term you’ll have the freedom to select your next step:

  • 1277x718_0001_Audi_Renew-circle.png
    Renew/ Trade in

    If you’d like to upgrade to a new Audi, the equity you’ve built up will contribute towards a new one.

  • 1277x718_0002_Audi_Retain-circle.png

    If you'd like to keep your Audi, you can buy your vehicle outright for the assured future value or refinance the assured future value amount.

  • 1277x718_0000_Audi_Return-circle.png

    If you decide to return the vehicle, and provided you’ve made all the regular payments, the Audi meets fair wear and tear and is within the agreed kilometre allowance, you won’t need to pay the final payment, just the return charge.

Maintaining your vehicle

We understand that you will want to keep your Audi in premium condition. To ensure the integrity of the Audi Future Value Guarantee Program, your Audi must be in acceptable condition when you return it to us and must not exceed the kilometre limit - as every kilometre over is charged at 66 cents per kilometre.

We also understand that some reasonable wear and tear is to be expected, but it needs to remain within the provisions set by your Audi Financial Services contract. If you exceed your nominated kilometre allowance, it will reduce your Guaranteed Future Value. However, this won’t affect your ability to trade in, retain or return your vehicle.

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