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Grey Imports

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Audi Private Imports “Grey vehicles”

Questions & Answers - As at December 2017.
1. What is a “grey imported vehicle” and where do they come from?
Vehicles that come into the country through non-authorised channels (outside of the Audi New Zealand Network) are called “grey imports”. Most are used vehicles which come into the marketplace from a variety of sources; historically the majority have come from Japan. However, there are also vehicles coming in from the United Kingdom (UK), Australia and Singapore at present. These vehicles therefore fall outside of the Audi New Zealand Network.
2. Why are they coming to New Zealand?
The New Zealand Government allows Parallel imported goods to enter the country. A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner (Audi New Zealand). However, this usually means that the imported good could be of lower specification to that of the New Zealand level and that full “After Sales Support” of the Audi brand may not be available to that vehicle.
3. Who can bring cars into the country and what experience is needed?
Both private individuals and licenced motor vehicle dealers can import varying quantities of vehicles – there are regulations that govern both. However, no experience is needed and no on-going support is required after the initial sale to a local buyer. The authorised Audi New Zealand Importer is European Motor Distributers Limited – Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand.
4. Are grey imported vehicles the same as the ones imported by the Audi New Zealand Importer?
Grey imports are not of the same standard or specification and are generally below that of a New Zealand new vehicle (NZ new). You may find that grey imports require additional features that will need to be added to bring the import up to an equal comparison of a NZ new vehicle. As grey imported vehicles fall outside of the Audi New Zealand Network, this sometimes can lead to parts and servicing issues due to varying model specifications in different markets.
5. Is, or has the vehicle (grey import) been registered overseas?
Any vehicle imported must be registered in its country of origin (first categorising it as a used import), therefore aligning the New Zealand customer as the next owner of that vehicle. All NZ new vehicles are unregistered before sale. Therefore making the first purchaser the first owner of that vehicle within the New Zealand Market.
6. What are the warranty implications for imported vehicles?
All new Audi vehicles come with a 2 year warranty from the date of initial registration which will be honoured locally. Any additional service or extended warranty programs are not covered locally and any claims under those policies should be directed back to the original vehicle importer. All NZ new vehicles have a full 3 year warranty and motoring plan, fully covered by the authorised dealer with no cost to the customer. Please refer to the table at the bottom of this page for more details.*
7. What are the “After Sales Support” implications for imported vehicles?
All new Audi vehicles within 2 years of the build date come with a 2 year/unlimited km new car warranty. This warranty is standard and will be covered by the network. Any imported vehicle that falls outside of this date range may experience difficulty obtaining further assistance due to the origin of the vehicle. If there is a after sales issue with your imported vehicle, you should consider contacting the Used Car Dealer or Importer that you have purchased the car from.
8. What are the service implications for imported vehicles?
All imported vehicles require standard servicing and maintenance items as per the service handbook. This cost is handled by the owner directly. NZ new vehicles have a full 3 year service and maintenance plan as standard, with no charge to the original retail customer. As grey imported vehicles fall outside of the Audi New Zealand Network, this sometimes can lead to parts and servicing issues due to varying model specifications in different markets.
9. What about recall and service campaigns?
Imported vehicles will be included in any manufacturer recall and service campaigns, only if the vehicle is known to exist in the local market. All NZ new vehicles will automatically be covered under any manufacturer programmes and all costs will be covered.
10. Will imported vehicle satellite navigation systems work in New Zealand?
Depending on the grey import sourced, the vehicle may have a navigation system. However, these systems will not work in New Zealand and they cannot be retrofitted. Where applicable NZ new vehicles do have localised navigation systems and regular updates.
11. As a customer am I protected under the Consumer Guarantee Act?
Yes, you are if you have purchased the vehicle from a licenced vehicle trader. If you purchased from a private importer, then you are not covered by the Act. All NZ new vehicles are supported by the Audi New Zealand Network, Audi AG and New Zealand Legislation.
12. Do imported vehicles hold their value in the New Zealand marketplace?
NZ new vehicles generally have a higher level of specification compared to the rest of the import market. Naturally this reduces the market value on imported vehicles vs. NZ New vehicles.
13. Can I still have my imported vehicle serviced by an Audi Dealership?
Yes. The Audi Network can still assist in maintaining and servicing your Audi. When servicing your vehicle at an Audi dealership, you can have peace of mind that genuine parts will be fitted and professionally trained technicians are carrying out work on your car with the latest tools and technology.
14. Can I have an imported Audi inspected (Pre-purchase inspection) by an Audi dealership?
Yes. This can be arranged and carried out at any Audi dealership at your cost. All you need to do is call the Audi Service Department at your local dealership to book an appointment.
15. Where can I purchase a New Zealand New Audi?
To find the nearest authorised Audi dealership to you, please use our dealership locator.

*What are the warranty implications for imported vehicles?

Types of Warranty Cover
Grey Import
New Zealand New Vehicle
Audi New Car Factory Warranty – 2 year cover
Audi Extended Factory Warranty – provides a 3rd year of cover on new vehicles
Audi Cover** - Audi Motoring Plan
Audi Approved :plus Warranty
Audi Approved :plus Motoring Plan
**Complimentary 3 year motoring plan that is applied to all NZ new vehicles – available to first retail owner.

Peace of mind with Audi Approved :plus

When you purchase a pre-owned Audi you want to be assured you’re getting both excellent value for your money, and a safe and reliable motor vehicle.

Preserving your investment in a vehicle will also be a priority when you consider the current used car market. With the unrestricted entry of imported vehicles, unknown history records, and no guarantee of condition, it is very much a ‘buyer beware’ market.

Accordingly, Audi would like to offer you peace of mind with your next pre-owned Audi vehicle purchase. Audi New Zealand has developed two programmes to provide you with the best possible protection for your pre-owned Audi:
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    Audi Approved :plus Warranty

    Pre-approved 110-point inspection, 2 year unlimited km warranty, 2 year 24hr roadside assistance.

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  • AGW_P_161003_563x317.jpg
    Audi Approved :plus Motoring Plan

    2 year unlimited km scheduled service and maintenance programme.

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