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Audi Genuine Brakes

The brake system is one of your vehicle's most essential safety components. Safety can only be ensured if your brake system is working perfectly. The quality of the brake components has an enormous influence on braking performance and service life. Audi Genuine brake pads and disc rotors are specifically made according to model, weight, and engine type to offer the best possible performance in all conditions.


Audi Brakes

  • Ensure optimum safety through improved braking performance and short braking distances in various weather conditions and at various speeds.
  • Are specially adapted to the weight and maximum speed of the vehicle. Thus the material composition, weight and thickness of the disc or pads varies according to the model and engine type. They are capable of withstanding enormous loads. The brake disc does not warp or break – even when it is subject to forces of up to one tonne on hard braking.
  • Are always reliable, even at extreme operating temperatures.
  • Run without generating loud noise or vibration in the brake pedal.
  • Ensure a long service life, especially when Genuine brake discs are used in conjunction with Genuine brake pads.

Brake Fluid

The hydraulic brake fluid in your vehicle must withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. It must not freeze or boil, and it must also prevent corrosion and maintain a high flow capacity. Audi Genuine brake fluid is manufactured especially for your Audi to offer the best possible performance in all conditions.

  • Offers high flow capacity to ensure that your electronic stabilisation program (ESP) responds quickly even at low temperatures to provide enhanced cornering stability.
  • Retains its flow capacity even at temperatures as low as -40°C to guarantee the functionality of your brake system even in heavy frost.
  • In the event of increased water content or increased thermal loading, Audi Genuine brake fluid offers a better level of operational reliability than standard brake fluids (DOT-4*) due to its 10°C higher wet boiling point.
  • Can also be used on older models without any problems.