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Audi Genuine Filters

Audi Genuine Filters

Audi Genuine dust and pollen filters use a multi-layer system to prevent particles from unduly penetrating the vehicle interior. Large dust and soot particles are trapped via the pre-filter while the second layer retains fungal spores and pollen. These filters minimise odors and allergy symptoms, help protect your air conditioning system, and can be replaced at each scheduled service interval.


Air Filter

Audi Genuine air filters are tailored to your Audi engine type, offering maximum engine performance, reliability, and efficiency, and can be replaced at scheduled service intervals.

  • The air filter prevents dirt particles from entering the engine’s combustion chamber and the intake air. If this is not prevented, dirt particles can damage engine components such as piston rings, sleeve bearings, valves and cylinder walls.
  • If the filter is clogged, the increased vacuum in the intake connecting pipes can draw dust particles from the filter into the engine.
  • The engine output and torque depend on the air flow. The filter therefore ensures a controlled supply of air.
  • The filter paper must be securely pleated and impregnated so that it is resistant to deformation and moisture.
  • Even with good air filters, the flow output drops after 80,000 to 100,000km. A loss of output, increased fuel consumption and higher emissions can result from this.

Engine Oil Filter

Oil filters from Audi Genuine Parts are responsible for maintaining engine oil purity and minimising engine wear. Their high levels of filtration work to remove carbon deposits, soot and metal particles, helping to ensure high levels of engine performance and long service life in all environments.


Pollen Filter

Dust and pollen filters prevent pollen and fine dust from unduly penetrating the vehicle interior. Audi dust and pollen filters:

  • Filter 99% of the pollen in the air, which makes for a safer drive by alleviating allergy symptoms such as sneezing fits and streaming eyes.
  • Effectively eliminate pollutants with their multi-layer filtering system. Large dust and soot particles can be trapped by the pre-filter, while lung-damaging fungal spores and pollen are retained by the second layer.
  • Can protect allergy sufferers and help to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air inside the vehicle for all occupants.
  • Reduce odours, bind gaseous pollutants, and convert ozone into oxygen due to the additional activated charcoal microfilter layer.
  • Prevent rapid fogging of the windows when fully operational, thus ensuring better visibility.
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