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Audi Genuine Tyres

Audi Genuine tyres are specifically developed with leading tyre manufacturers, tailored for each corresponding Audi model using the latest materials and testing criteria. This ensures optimised driving comfort, performance and safety. Only Audi Genuine tyres are identified with either AO or RO1 markings and are available through your Audi dealer.

Get to know your tyres

Even the best tyres are susceptible to damage or become old or worn. Trained technicians check your tyres at every Audi service. Still, it is essential to inspect each tyre regularly and observe any changes in the vehicle's dynamic behaviour, including increased noise or vibration. The overall performance and safety levels of a tyre will depend significantly on the following main elements and therefore should be checked regularly:

  • Correct tyres pressures (including the spare tyre).
  • Tread depth and wear. Minimum tread depth is generally indicated by the wear indicators within the tread. When minimum tread depth is reached the tyre must be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Check the tyre tread and sidewalls for cuts, abnormal indents or bulges.
  • Age; tyres that are more than six years old should be replaced.
  • Quattro vehicles must have the same tyre and tread pattern fitted on all 4 wheels.

Why choose Audi Genuine tyres?

  • Excellent high-speed stability, handling and braking performance.
  • Excellent wet weather performance and effective protection against aquaplaning.
  • Optimised rolling resistance, acoustics and smooth efficient running thanks to the special attention given during tyre uniformity testing.
  • Carefully matched to the specific running gear and tuning of Audi vehicles optimising safety, dynamics and comfort.