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Audi Genuine Windscreens & Wipers


Windscreens from Audi Genuine Parts offer full operational reliability at optimum comfort. Genuine Audi windscreens:

  • Are manufactured according to manufacturer specifications so that the stabilising effect of the windscreens is guaranteed.
  • Ensure simple repair procedures, short assembly times, safe handling and reduced repair costs thanks to their optimum tailored fit.
  • Provide the original operational and functional stability, if they need repair.
  • Offer a high level of insulation giving you a quieter driving experience while providing protection against UV radiation.
  • Are available in different tints and with different coloured strips


Fully functional wiper blades are essential for road safety. The rubber blades can cover hundreds of kilometres a year over the windscreen, so normal wear is unpreventable. Replacing your wiper blades with Audi Genuine Parts will ensure consistent cleaning performance. Due to their aerodynamic design and unique precision flex, Audi Genuine wipers will also offer low noise and smooth operation regardless of weather conditions and vehicle speed.

  • Streak-free cleaning in all weather conditions to keep the windscreen clear.
  • Uniform contact pressure thanks to their special precision flex rails, which are tailored to the curvature of the windscreen.
  • Functionality even at high speeds thanks to their aerodynamic design.
  • Excellent suitability for use in winter thanks to the choice of materials that are particularly resistant to low temperatures.
  • Extremely low-noise and smooth operation due to the soft rubber backing and smooth-running coating.