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Audi Cover - Total peace of mind


What is Audi Cover Cost Free Motoring Plan?

The Audi Cover Motoring Plan is exclusive to the original Audi owner.

For the first 3 years (unlimited kilometres) scheduled services and replacement parts as detailed in the vehicle service schedule are supplied free of charge.

What does the owner pay for?

The Audi owner pays nothing for the services provided by Audi Cover Motoring Plan. The owner is responsible for all expenses that do not fall within the scope of Audi Cover Motoring Plan, for example fuel, road user charges, tyres, vehicle licensing and insurance.

Audi Cover Motoring Plan compliance and owner’s responsibilities

Owners must maintain their Audi in accordance with the vehicle service schedule as supplied with their Audi Owner’s Manual. All scheduled maintenance work must be performed by an authorised Audi Dealer or approved Audi Service Centre.

What to do if you should require service assistance?

Authorised Audi Dealers or and approved Audi Service Centres are strategically situated throughout New Zealand so that you will never be far from help.

To locate the nearest authorised Audi Dealer or approved Audi Service Centre, simply refer to the Audi Dealer Network list in the Vehicle Owner’s Handbook wallet, on www.audi.co.nz or by phoning the Audi Cover Assistance toll free number.

Upon arrival at the respective Authorised Audi Dealer or approved Audi Service Centre, your Audi will be repaired free of charge provided the service schedule is made available for inspection and the vehicle is within the 3 year period. It is not necessary to delay any repairs until the next scheduled service.


Audi motor vehicles are amongst the most technically advanced cars in the world and as such are incredibly complex. The level of technology and engineering detail in an Audi requires the services of a specialist, your approved Audi Service Centre. That's why every new Audi is supplied with the Audi Cover Motoring Plan and Audi Cover Assistance, completely free of charge. The Audi Cover package is a comprehensive motoring plan that covers scheduled servicing, warranty and 24 hour roadside assistance from the moment your new Audi is delivered for a period of 3 years, with unlimited kilometres. In short - total peace of mind. No matter what happens, you and your Audi will be within our care. With our compliments. For the first three years from delivery, uninhibited by the kilometres travelled, all scheduled maintenance and genuine replacement parts for that service are paid for by Audi Cover. All you pay for are fuel, tyres, non-scheduled services and government regulatory charges. An Audi Cover card will be mailed to you which allows access to all the Audi Cover Assistance services. Audi Cover Assistance is obviously worth a substantial amount of money when service costs for a modern, sophisticated vehicle over three years is taken into consideration.


Your Audi Cover Assistance card has a toll free 0800 number, which provides help anywhere in the country, any time of the day or night. If your Audi is immobilised for any reason, even through no fault of the car such as lost keys, running out of fuel, accident damage or a puncture, Audi Cover Assistance will quickly provide help. Full details of the terms and conditions* of Audi Cover Assistance are available in the Audi Cover Assistance manual provided with each vehicle. *Term and Conditions: Audi Cover Cost-Free Motoring Plan and Audi Cover Assistance Plan are non-transferable


Naturally, with Audi's quality reputation, every Audi has a comprehensive warranty package associated with the vehicle to complement Audi Cover Assistance. Audi's reputation of quality is enhanced by the fact that every Audi has a fully treated steel or aluminium body and six stage paint process which enables an unsurpassed warranty package of:
  • 3 year unlimited km new vehicle warranty.
  • 12 year body perforation corrosion warranty.
  • 3 year paint defect warranty.