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e-tron in everyday life.

The incredible acceleration. The almost silent drive. The great feeling of driving emissions-free. If you've ever experienced electric mobility, you will know how fascinating it is. e-tron not only offers driving enjoyment but also unrestricted suitability for everyday use. Convenient, efficient charging is the first step to a seamless electric or plug-in hybrid ownership experience.

Charging at home.

Over 90 per cent of electric and plug-in hybrid charging takes place at home. With safe parking and overnight off-peak electricity rates available, it's no wonder. Depending on individual house infrastructure and connection capacity, one could expect up to 240 km more range following an 8 hour charge. To support e-tron customers with preparing their home for efficient charging, Audi have partnered with Vector subsidiary HRV to offer individual home assessment and installation services. Read the next 5 steps from HRV and you will soon be on your way to effortless home charging.

  • 1. Request half-hourly data

    Take the first step to effortless charging by contacting your power company and request they supply you with half hour energy usage data for the property you want your EV charger installed. Half hourly usage data gives you and HRV the most accurate measure of the extra electrical capacity of your property.

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  • 2. Home assessment

    An EV charger home assessment is important to identify your home’s electrical infrastructure, the best orientation of the EV charger and the extra capacity of your electrical supply if half hourly data is not available. This service will be carried out by a licensed HRV electrician and will be invoiced upon delivery of the home assessment report.

  • 3. Report and installation quote

    An HRV Designer will analyse the half hourly data and home assessment to provide a report and installation quote. The report details the extra capacity of your home, installation options and a quote to carry out an installation. Take some time to review the report and decide on the installation option that works best for you – in some circumstances the next steps may differ.

  • 5. EV charger installation

    HRV has a long and strong reputation of respecting the homes of their customers, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they will look after your home as if it were their own. A licensed HRV electrician will install, test and certify the safe operation of your EV charger. Before they leave they will talk you through everything you need to know about safe operation of your EV charger and answer any questions you may have.

  • 5. Customer service and maintenance

    If you have any questions or issues, our friendly support team are just a phone call away or visit www.hrv.co.nz/support for any FAQs you have. HRV also provide an inspection, test & tag service which is recommended on an annual basis by Worksafe New Zealand.



How to request half-hourly data

Charging in public.

Public charging infrastructure is crucial to delivering the freedom and flexibility of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Audi offers e-tron customers special access to a rapidly growing network of over 100 fast charging stations, thanks to a partnership with ChargeNet. Furthermore, e-tron MMI navigation systems are linked to the comprehensive live EVRoam database; a world-first collaboration by the NZ Transport Agency and energy industry. Audi have also partnered with global leader in electrification, ABB, to offer fast charging points at authorised Audi dealerships nationwide. And with Audi connect, you can check the charge level of your e-tron in the myAudi app anytime, anywhere.