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Audi [Latin: audi = listen]

Technologies for an intelligent future.

Listening is a powerful quality. Listen to people. Listen to your gut feeling and trust your ideas. Listen to your heart – and to visions that are yet unspoken. We don’t just hear. We listen. Because only when you listen can you find intelligent answers. Listening is where it all comes from. It’s not just in us. It is our name.


Only when you listen to what matters can you create solutions that matter.

The future is full of questions. We listen, so that we can find the answers today. We listen to developments, trends and analyses. So that we can identify needs and develop solutions now. For a truly fascinating future

Alternative driving concepts

We listen – and have understood that alternative drive systems are the way to a CO₂-neutral future. That’s why we are pursuing various solutions. Audi etron technology can already be found in the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron and Q7 etron quattro. The Audi e-tron Sportback concept offers an outlook for a purely electric future. This is our contribution to CO₂-neutral mobility.


Intelligent mobility.

We listen – and have understood that an intelligent world needs intelligent vehicles. That’s why we are developing technologies that already anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

And systems that are intelligent. That can even think ahead. Systems that can see and hear and that can adapt to driver needs. With the aim of a seamlessly networked system for improved safety and comfort on the roads.

Future Design Language

Design that leads the way.

We listen – and have understood that design shouldn’t just be progressive, but that it should reflect the driver’s individual needs in as many ways as possible. Especially when it comes to functionality. Just like the Audi Matrix LED headlights with millions of lighting scenarios. In the interior, we use pioneering display technologies that we incorporate into our progressive design style. For pioneering light and display technology and Audi design – our contribution to an intuitive and innovative future.