The calculator aims to open up a conversation about spending and saving, encouraging women to set a financial goal such as purchasing a new car, house or any other big ticket item on their wish list. After asking the user a few quick questions, the interactive online tool can calculate the exact amount of money that needs to be put aside each month to reach the user’s savings goal within their chosen timeframe. Users can then enter their email address to receive a downloadable resource of savings tips and tricks prepared by The Curve’s co-founder and portfolio manager, Victoria Harris.

Commenting on the partnership, Audi New Zealand’s marketing manager, Amy de Vries says, “Progress has always been part of Audi’s DNA and financial education and literacy is an important part of that. We’re pleased to be able to contribute to that through our partnership with The Curve, ensuring that women get the financial education and support they need to get ahead and ultimately enabling women to drive a more progressive future.”

The Curve knows from interactions with their community that women are more likely than men to shy away from purchasing big ticket items on their wish list due to feelings of guilt and shame. Audi and The Curve are working together to breakdown this outdated mentality and empower women to save and spend their hard earned money however they see fit.

“We want to give The Curve community and New Zealand women the confidence to set a significant savings goal this year, regardless of how much money they earn or what they are saving for, and through The Curve, provide tips and tricks around how they can achieve it,” says de Vries.

In addition to the new savings calculator, Audi is sponsoring the launch of The Curve’s brand new podcast, The Curve Weekly - an educational and entertaining podcast tailored to busy women wanting to improve their finance and investing knowledge through snackable content that is not only time efficient, but easy to understand.

“We’re so excited to have partnered with Audi to launch our first savings calculator and brand new podcast, The Curve Weekly. We know from chatting to our community that both of these tools are going to be extremely valuable, and we can’t wait to see people using them to achieve their financial goals in 2023,” says The Curve’s Co-Founder and podcast host, Sophie Hallwright.

Just like everything The Curve does, the new podcast will strip the information back to basics so that anyone, regardless of their prior knowledge or financial situation, can keep their finger on the pulse.

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