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„Cars are a magnificent medium to create beauty”

„Cars are a magnificent medium to create beauty”

Andrés Reisinger is one of the world’s most sought-after digital artists and designer. Exploring the all-new, fully electric Audi Q6 e-tron he created exceptional artworks to celebrate its upcoming world premiere.

Copy: Jan Strahl - Photo: Andrés Reisinger, Antonis Hadjimichael Lesezeit: 4 min

One of the art pieces of Andrés Reisinger.One of the art pieces of Andrés Reisinger.

Already at a young age, Andrés Reisinger started exploring digital software and creating his own spaces. His fascination with digital art is about the limitless and boundless potential of technology. Technology itself, the Argentinian claims today, can be an experience. Driven by the shared passion to fuse digital experiences, design and technology he has been associated with Audi for some time now. For the all-new, fully electric Audi Q6 e-tron he realised an idea to showcase it even before its world premiere. All in his very own style.

His approach, he says, is to create a journey with the viewer who can actually join throughout the process. So, come and join Andrés Reisinger in his creative hub in Barcelona.

Andrés, for starters: You say your work in general is "unclassifiable". What do you mean by that?
I like the term “unclassifiable”, because it’s kind of like having no boundaries, like not being limited to any kind of discipline or medium. So, whatever it takes for an idea to be in the world, it should be the thing that guides the whole process and its output.

Andrés Reisinger sitting at his desk in his Barcelona office.Andrés Reisinger sitting at his desk in his Barcelona office.
Reisinger working on the drafts.Reisinger working on the drafts.

Today, technology itself can be an experience.

Andrés Reisinger

What sparked the idea to display the all-new, fully electric Audi Q6 e-tron in such a way?
The main inspiration for creating these digital artworks was what speaks the most to me: When I think about Audi I immediately think of the exploration of new technologies and design excellence. This is part of Audi’s DNA. I’ve been very close to Audi for the last two years, I’ve been in in the design centre and I’ve seen there search in technology that they’re using, and the way they approach the changes in technology is quite impressive.

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is a current buzzword in technology. How do you perceive its role in art and design?
I think AI is a great tool and it has improved very much. I have been using it a lot in this project as well. With AI, the creative process is similar to having a partner with whom you can discuss and exchange ideas, thereby broadening your perspective on various topics. At the same time, the things you think of and the things AI gives you are a little bit disconnected and random. And I believe that randomness can create creativity.

So, there is still a great deal of human touch?
For me, yes. I think there’s a way of seeing the world that is very personal, it’s very me, and it’s like doing a cut-out from the whole world.

One of the artworks with the Shanghai skyline in the background.One of the artworks with the Shanghai skyline in the background.
Portrait of Andrés Reisinger.Portrait of Andrés Reisinger.

Lately you have worked intensively with Audi. What is it about automobiles and mobility that captivates your interest?
I believe that cars area magnificent medium to create beauty. They are more than just aesthetically pleasing. The experience that cars create, not only the physical, but also the mental and conscious ones, can change a lot. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a good design embraces inspiration, imagination, and it creates a profound and meaningful experience.

In this context, the term 'human centricity' is frequently referenced to.
Human interest is essential when driving or being inside a car. Audi’s design places the human at its centre, which is great. The interiors of cars are becoming more about connection and different experiences. We will use cars more to connect with people, and it will become less about mechanics and more about experiences. Digital technology plays a significant role in enhancing that.

Another artwork showing the wrapped Audi Q6 e-tron in front of an exceptional building.Another artwork showing the wrapped Audi Q6 e-tron in front of an exceptional building.

What is it that you want to see or feel inside a car to consider it as a good and meaningful experience?
When you sit in an Audi, you feel welcomed. I think this is also because good car design reflects experiences we have in nature. It’s about creating a connection through the materials that are used, the sounds they make, and how they react to touch. The subtle details are crucial. I believe these details create an amazing connection to our roots, making us feel less artificial and more at home. I believe data and technology is nature being expressed through other means, and the power of design and art is that it can and will shape the future.

So with all that in mind: How do you see the future of mobility?
I see a major change in society and culture through advances in mobility. We will see smart, intelligent cars that are connected to the entire city structure. E-mobility isa necessary step forward and embodies progress. Besides, there are also enjoyable factors driving an electric car. You feel this direct connection with the engine that gives you immediate power and reaction, almost like an extension of your own body. There’s something very special about driving an electric Audi.

Heckansicht des Audi Q6 e-tron

The beauty under the wrapping

The Audi Q6 e-tron, with its pioneering platformand state-of-the-art electronic architecture, ushers in a new era ofelectromobility for Audi. Its cutting-edge design and advanced charging and battery technology merge to create a premium electric driving experience. The all-new, fully electric vehicle embodies high-class enjoyment and a sophisticated livingspace, all underpinned by design and technology - a combination that might overtake your expectations.